Dr. Bastian

Bockhoff, LL.M

Tax consultant, born 1977


Approval as
tax consultant


Expert advisor
International tax law


Certified Company
successor advisor



Dr Bastian Bockhoff, LL.M. has been advising medium-sized companies and individuals on national and international tax issues since 2003. Before joining the Sommerfeld-Majka-Reifig law firm, he worked for national auditing and tax consulting firms in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg. Dr Bastian Bockhoff is a specialist consultant for international tax law and is also a certified corporate succession consultant.

Dr Bockhoff works part-time as a lecturer for a Hamburg university and the Beck publishing house. He is the author of numerous publications and author or co-author of various books. In 2015 he joined the law firm Sommerfeld-Majka-Reifig in Münster as a partner.

Main areas of practice

» Tax structuring and tax consultancy
» Advice on inheritance & wealth succession
» Advice on exonerating voluntary reporting to the tax authorities of false or incomplete tax declaration
» Advice on international tax law
» Advice on documentation and design of transfer pricing
» Advice on staff secondments
» Advice on setting up a business abroad