Tax consultancy

We provide you with comprehensive advice in all areas of tax law. We are active in Compliance (current accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns) as well as in tax planning and defence advice:

  • – Financial Accounting and payroll
  • – Annual accounts
  • – Tax returns
  • – Monitoring of company audits
Tax planning
  • – Identification of tax benefits, optimal use of tax-saving opportunities
  • – Choice of legal form in view of tax advantages
  • – Restructuring, conversions, German Reorganisation Tax Act (UmwStG)
  • – Succession planning
  • – Acquisition and sale of companies
  • – International tax law
  • – Non-profit & Charity Law
Defence advice
  • – Objection procedure
  • – Fiscal court proceedings
  • – Investigation proceedings of the tax office for criminal matters
  • – Criminal tax proceedings
  • – Protection against execution, out-of-court settlement of tax debts
We advise in all areas of tax law
  • – Income taxes (income tax, corporation tax, business & trade tax), Reorganisation Tax Act
  • – Value Added Tax (Umsatzsteuer)
  • – Land transfer tax & conveyance duty (Grunderwerbsteuer)
  • – Tax on land and buildings (Grundsteuer)
  • – Foreign tax law, double taxation income, transfer pricing, international tax law
  • – Inheritance tax, valuation
  • – Non-profit& charity law

Legal advice

We offer you solutions in many areas of law. Legal advice includes, among other things, assistance in the drafting of contracts, the pre-court enforcement of your claims and rights or the conduct of proceedings before the courts: We are your contact for competent legal advice. Our lawyers are often multi-qualified or specialised lawyers in various fields. They can therefore draw on highly specialised knowledge in teams that have been put together individually for your interests.

  • – Commercial and Corporate Law (Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht)
  • – Commutation, Conversion and Transformation of Companies, Restructuring & Reorganisation
  • – Company acquisitions, M&A
  • – Law on associations and foundations (Vereins- und Stiftungsrecht)
  • – Inheritance / wealth succession
  • – Business start-up
  • – Labour & Employment Law
  • – Tenancy and Condominium Law (WEG)
  • – Drafting of contracts, terms and conditions (AGB) control
  • – Conveyancing & Real Estate Law

Notary's office

As an independent holder of a public office, a notary is obliged to be impartial. The main activity of a notary is the notarisation of legal transactions and the certification of signatures. In addition, they perform other tasks in the field of preventive legal service (e.g. preventive power of attorney). The notarial tasks are performed by our notaries Martin Rochell and Dr Thankmar Wagner.

The involvement of a notary is necessary for the following matters, among others:

  • – Real estate transactions (purchase and transfer)
  • – Land charge creation (Grundschuldbestellung), formation of residential property
  • – Formation and measures under company law of corporations
  • – Applications for the commercial register (Handelsregisteranmeldung)
  • – Drawing up wills and contracts of inheritance
  • – Enduring power of attorney for health care / living will
  • – Marriage and partnership contracts