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We work and communicate with you digitally, as far as you wish. We go far beyond the area of digital video conferences. We have been certified as a digital law firm since 2022.

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SMR and netgo Mitte GmbH – Our partner for IT & digitization

With our long-standing system partner netgo Mitte GmbH (formerly CSM MeinSystemhaus), we develop solutions around IT and digitalization for many clients. Unbenannt

With its broad portfolio of services, netgo Mitte GmbH is not only the perfect contact for IT infrastructure, managed service, IT security and data protection issues. They also advise companies holistically in digitization strategies and also consider cross-departmental processes in order to create customized solutions. In particular, they take into account suitable interfaces and compatibility with DATEV applications to ensure seamless digitization at all levels of the company.

If you need support with your digital transformation, please feel free to contact us or netgo Mitte GmbH.



Through various applications of DATEV eG, we can work with you very extensively paperless. You have the following options, among others:

Arbeitnehmer Online

DATEV Employee Online

DATEV Employee Online

With DATEV Arbeiter online, you can provide your employees with their payslips online. Compared to paper payslips this is faster, more modern and simpler for both the employer and the employee.

Unternehmen online 1

DATEV Company Online

DATEV Company Online

Your program for the digital exchange of receipts, data and documents between companies and tax consultants.

Upload mobile

DATEV Upload mobil

DATEV Upload mobil in combination with DATEV Company Online

With DATEV Upload mobile, you can use your smartphone to photograph your paper receipts and upload them directly to SMR in your DATEV company online. Of course, this also works with all other digital documents.

Auftragswesen online

DATEV order management online

DATEV order management online

In combination with DATEV company online, you can create offers, outgoing invoices and payment reminders via the Internet browser. All documents can be easily transferred to the next processing level, for example, an offer can be transferred directly to an invoice.

online shopping

DATEV marketplace

DATEV marketplace

Integration of various commercial third-party software (e.g. cash register programs, invoicing programs, invoicing). The data generated there is integrated into the accounting via Datev interfaces.

financial statement

DATEV DIVA digital administrative file

DATEV DIVA digital administration file

Query of tax office data, in particular for the pre-filled tax return and electronic transmission of tax assessments by the tax office to SMR, insofar as you authorize us to do so.

electronic signature

DATEV approval online

DATEV approval online

Digitally sign the tax return on your smartphone. Don’t send printed tax returns back and forth by post.

Kassenbuch online

DATEV cash book online

DATEV cash book online

Keep your cash book online instead of on paper. Your entries are automatically checked for errors (cash minus, chronology and completeness) and can be made available to your tax advisor online with a click.

Meine Steuern

DATEV my taxes – for your private tax return

DATEV my taxes – for your private tax return

Submit your private tax receipts via smartphone photo or scanner whenever a relevant receipt comes into your hands. You don’t have to collect the receipts in a tax folder all year.

RZ Bankinfo

DATEV bank data service

DATEV RZ-bank info and bank online

Provide your tax advisor with your operational account turnover in an automated way. The bank provides the data via an interface, which is then made available to the tax advisor in DATEV Cloud. The tax advisor’s DATEV accounting program takes the data and posts it largely automatically. This saves time and thus your money. In Bank online (part of DATEV company online), vouchers can be assigned to sales items.

Additional DATEV help videos

DATEV Hilfe Videos