About us

Sommerfeld-Majka-Reifig offers services for its clients since 1967. Therefore, our clients can rely on many years of experience and a seamless advice of our lawyers, public notaries and tax advisors. We serve the needs of our clients from Germany and abroad. Our main focus is on clients running a business. However, we also advise private individuals within our range of services. Our team of specialised advisors combine their respective knowledge to the benefit of our clients and thus, provide understandable and practical legal and tax advice. Our public notaries assist in all matters where a notary public is required or helpful (e.g., real estate transactions, set-up of limited liability companies, transfer of certain shares in companies, formal submissions to the commercial registers, marriage contracts).

SMR digital

We work and communicate with you digitally, as far as this is desired by you. In doing so, we go far beyond the scope of digital video conferences. In particular, we can work with you in a very extensive paperless manner using various DATEV eG applications. Among others, you have the following options:

  • – Submission of your private tax receipts via mobile phone photo or scanner, whenever a relevant receipt comes into your hands. You do not have to collect the receipts in a tax folder all year round.
    Datev applications: “Meine Steuer” and “Upload mobile”
  • – Transmission of your business documents (e.g. incoming and outgoing invoices) via mobile phone photo or scanner.
    Datev applications: “Unternehmen online” and “Upload mobile”
  • – Create your outgoing invoices and other sales documents – from quotations to invoices and payment reminders – via your Internet browser. All documents can be easily transferred to the next processing stage, for example, a quotation can be converted directly into an invoice. This allows you to react quickly to customer enquiries if required.
    Datev applications: “Unternehmen online” and “Auftragswesen online”
  • -Integration of a wide range of commercial third-party software (e.g. cash register programmes, invoicing programmes, invoicing). The data generated there are integrated into the accounting system via Datev interfaces.
    Which programmes are integrated can be found under “Datev Marktplatz”.
  • -Banking: Provision of digital bank statements, online banking and automatic completion of remittance slips.
    Datev applications: “RZ-Bankinfo” and “Bank-online”.
  • – Digital cash book (audit-proof)
    Datev application: “Kassenbuch online”
  • – Provision of data for payroll accounting and transmission of payroll accounting to employees’ mobile phones, travel expenses recording
    Datev applications: “Arbeitnehmer online”, “Meine Abrechnung” and “Meine Reisen”
  • – Financial Accounting (FiBu) and business assessment (BWA): You can look online at any time into your accounting and booking accounts, use BWAs and evaluate the scanned documents. The booking record is linked to the digital document. Digital inspection of open receivables and liabilities (open item lists [OPOS Listen]).
    Datev application: “Unternehmen online”
  • – Digital signing of the tax return
    Datev application: “Freizeichnung online”
  • – Enquiries of tax office data and electronic transmission of tax assessment notices by the tax office to SMR, if you authorise us to do so.
    Applications: VaST (pre-filled tax return) and DIVA (digital administrative measure)